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January 21st, 2012 is a date that will live in infamy. There has never been a more important investigation in GPT's history. 

After almost a year of hiatus, GPT comes back stronger than ever in an intense trilogy that would leave at least one person never the same again. 

Have you ever heard of the teenagers who decided to go to the old abandoned bridge? Yeah. No one left the same! 

Not every investigation GPT performs is full of activity. This even includes places like the Mineral Springs Hotel. The goal is for the investigator during these nights to find a way to boost the activity. This is done through innovation and following the patterns from the past. Did it work?

Saturday, February 18th, 2012
Location: The Chatillion Demenil Mansion
Title: The Chatillion Demenil Mansion
Bio Coming Soon!

The Cheney Mansion has been a little bit of everything. It served as a bank, doctors office, stage coach stop, and was even apart of the underground railroad. What the mansion has not experienced yet is the GPT Team. Watch how they tackle on this location for the first time. 

Experiencing the intense activity just a week before; the GPT team could not wait to once again explore this unique location. Although this time, things took a more sinister turn.

 After months of mental preparation - GPT dared to go back to the infamous Enoch Knob Bridge. On this special holiday edition, GPT investigators venture out into the cold in the hopes of learning more about spiritual energy. GPT leaves with a peaceful mindset that deemed more questionable than this location has ever been before.