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Have you ever wanted to investigate the paranormal with the pros? Now you can! Join the entire gpt team and the spookstalker himself - dan terry at The Mineral Springs Hotel for a paranormal experience unlike any other!  you will be the investigator for the night.  You will be put up against your fellow guest to see who can capture the most profound paranormal evidence!! are you up to the challenge? (No experience necessary)


            Saturday January 23rd, 2016

                             5 PM - 7AM 


             The Mineral Springs Hotel
              301 E Broadway #311, Alton, Illinois 62002

  price - $45
(cash payments only)

If you want to reserve tickets call  314.413.9280


What will happen if I reserve tickets?


If you call the number stated above we will ask for your name, contact information and how many tickets you want to reserve. AT THAT TIME YOU WILL HAVE TICKET(S) RESERVED IN YOUR NAME FOR THE EVENT. THE EVENT WILL COST YOU $45 AT THE DOOR! 




What are our payment options?

This is a cash only event!


What do I  bring to the event?

If you have your own equipment bring them! Bring warm clothing. Some parts of the building does not have heating.  


I am under 18 can I still attend the event?

If you are under 18 you have to be accompanied by an adult.


Can we bring our own equipment?



Will we be able to sleep in the building?


If you wish to sleep during the event we will have a designated spot where you can rest. You must bring your own sleeping bags and/or cots. You must be out of the building by 7am (Sunday January 24th)


Will GPT give out equipment for us to use?

We will give out a few basic pieces of paranormal equipment to each group.

Where do we pay?

 All transactions are made at the event. You must reserve a spot before the event. 

What happens if there is a cancellation?


If there is a cancellation we will try to reschedule the event on a different date.  If you are not interested in another date we will refund you.

What if we have more questions?


If you have any questions or comments feel free to either email us at or call us at 314.413.9280