One year after the massive success from the last Cheney investigation, the team treck'd on back up to the ole structure for a night of fun and spooky adventure. 

 If you asked us what was one of the most important investigations of 2015 we would have to say March 14th, 2015. That night was truly a "Game Changer."

"Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, Dear Cassandra...Happy Birthday to you!"

 This investigation marked our 10th full ghost hunt at the Mineral Springs building. Instead of investigating alone we invited many of our closest allies, friends, and family to this investigation. 


The full episode is currently unavailable 

 Out west lies the city of Potosi. A historic mining town with a reputation that goes deeper than the mines. Check out our latest documentary!

Our first investigation at the Henry House left us dumbfounded. This time, we went all out to verify our past and to try understand why spiritual energy acts the way it does. We present to you - The Henry House Vol ll Documentary!

You never know what to expect in this field. One minute the room is quiet, your are talking to walls, and then...

Enjoy the Henry House! 

The Lemp Mansion in Saint Louis, Missouri is the most celebrated paranormal mecca of the state; although this was not GPT's first time at the Mansion their desire to investigate the beautiful structure has never left. 

Saturday, July 2nd, 2015
Location: Sedamsville Rectory
Title: The Sedamsville Rectory
Bio Coming Soon!

 Lurking up North lies the Peoria Asylum. This location taught us the true importance of pre-planning in investigations and also showed us how to be open with new equipment and people.

Appearing out of nowhere this old theatre stood for years entertaining local guest and now also caters a more spiritual clientele.

 Up in the lonely hills of Brumley, Missouri lies a mysterious castle that is known more for its haunted history than its humbling appearance.