2017 - a new spirit


This is a collection of all the documentaries we have filmed throughout the 2017 Historical Investigation Season. We film these during our monthly training investigations. This style of investigation is designed for the love of travel and adventure. We use these investigations to build camaraderie, experiment, and study the progression of the investigative process and long-term research.

A New Year; a New Spirit! Join your favorite GPT Investigators as they showboat around the famous Springs building and watch as they baste in the memory of this cherished date!

Deep in the heart of Jasper County, Missouri in the historic marble town of Carthage lies a residual imprint of a once booming 19th century economy. The Burlingame and Chafee Opera House was a symbol for the regions wealthy and elites.

Check out the investigation the Gateway Paranormal Team performed at the famous Villisca Axe Murder House. This somber episode reminds all of us of the human conditions of what we do and why we perform many of these investigations in the respectful manner that we do.  

 Just north of Grafton, Illinois lies the hidden historic gem known as the Hamilton Primary School. This structure held one of the first racially integrated schools in the United States as well as a host for a formal GPT Investigation!

 There are few nights in GPT's history that will last the test of time as this one did. This investigation meant so much more than the activity we collected. This night will forever stand for a symbol of change, camaraderie, and evelution. #GPTSTYLE

It is always a pleasure to investigate the Cheney Mansion. This homestyle haunt continues to defy expectation. We always seem to experience something new here! 

After having massive sucess on our last adventure at this location we decided to journey all the way back up to the Malvern Manor. Did we press our luck?

The Sallie House legend has haunted us for years. We never thought we would have the opportunity to investigate this place. Was it worth the wait? 

The Gateway Paranormal Team built its investigative foundation at the Mineral Springs Hotel. The Lead Investigator alone has clocked in over 400 hours worth of investigating at this fabulous building. This is a direct and genuine tour of GPT's famous building. You hear stories and see videos that have never been aired before and you will leave this video with a deeper understanding that means so much to this team.

As the 2017 season comes to a close we could not help but ask ourselves? Where are we? What should we be doing better? It truly has been a new spirit.


We cap off this great year at our legendary Mineral Springs Hotel.

Traditions must end.