2016 rOgUE YEAR

"It has been a long journey. I'm cold and lost. Do you have any vacancy?"

 Deep into the barren landscape of Iowa lies the old Edinburgh Manor. This structure once housed Iowa's poor and incurably insane. Is the energy that was once there still there today?

In the lonely hills of Trinway, Ohio lies the old Prospect Place Mansion. This home was the sight of everything from presidential parties, the underground railroad, fires, and even murder. Check out this intense investigation! 

Off the banks of the Ohio River lies the century-old Sedamsville Rectory. This location is littered with negative activity, attacks, and even some demented attachments. This is one of the most active locations we have ever gone too. So without further ado, we present our final 2016 episode - The Return (Sedamsville Rectory)