Current GPT Roster

Name: Bea Klein
Title: Founder/Lead Investigator
Contact: 314-413-9280
Experience: 12 Years of Field Investigating 

General Background: Psychology/Sociology/Field Research

 Bio Video 2015

Name: Mike Bertel
Title: Vice President/Co-Lead Investigator/Client Manager  
Phone: 314-813-7161
Experience: 10 Years of Field Investigating
Past Alias': Bridgeton Afterlife Paranormal Society/Rogue Paranormal Research Society

Joined GPT: January 28th, 2017

General Background: Sales/Public Relations/Field Research

 Bio Video 2017

Name: Mike Vescovo 
Title: Adjunct Investigator 

Experience: 7 Years of Field Investigating
Joined GPT: November 15th, 2014

General Background: Sales/Photography/Field Research 

 Bio Video 2017